January 12, 2024
140 DKK

‘Warehouse Dreams’ refers to the roots of house music, which emerged in the underground dance clubs and warehouses of Chicago in the 1980s. This club night is an homage to the origins.

With ‘Warehouse Dreams’ we want to create a space for people to feel free and safe. We want you to let loose and connect with the music and the people that you share the experience with. We encourage you to be openminded to new sounds, movement, and having fun. We dream about having a dance floor where everybody feels welcome.

We have invited some of the best house dancers from around the world to join us for an unforgettable night where we will take you through varying kinds and tempers of house music.

Get ready to jack your body and experience what (house) dreams are made of.

Amy Dabbs (she/her) UK/DE
London born, now Berlin based, Amy Dabbs is the daughter of an original Northern Soul DJ. Trusting in the mantra of doing what you love, Amy makes and plays music she believes in,
music that makes you dance and elicit an emotional response.
As a multi-genre artist, Amy Dabbs has become renowned for her distinguished and diverse sound, both behind the booth and in the studio. Having recently launched her own label Dabbs Traxx, and with forthcoming releases on Aus, Heist and her own imprint, it's clear Amy Dabbs is a name we will be hearing a lot more of.

CAYOOTEE (she/her) DK
CAYOOTEE (pronounced: Cutie) is a Danish artist, DJ and producer. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness. She alternates between her love for old-school house, funky edits, and french touch and always finds a way to include breaky beats in her mixes. She has an ear for original and danceable sounds and can never stand still in the DJ booth.
CAYOOTEE will bring you the familiar, the unexpected and most of all, the vibe that makes you want to stay on the dance floor.

DJ LoveCatt (she/her) DK
DJ LoveCatt is a Copenhagen based DJ. She has a beating heart for house music which she delivers with surprising spontaneity, sprinkled with inspirations from disco and funk.
DJ LoveCatt brings a playful and adventurous set looking to both past, present and future house. She mixes songs that will make you move and songs you have yet to explore. Throughout the recent years, she started throwing and hosting parties of her own in Copenhagen which solidified what’s most important to her about clubbing: connecting to music, people, movement, and the culture.

Robin Flux (he/him) DK
Robin Flux is a multifaceted DJ / producer, dancer and artist based in Copenhagen, having performed in many places around the world, including the US, Europe and Asia. Inspired by the early era of underground dance and club culture in the US, Robin developed his own unique style between house and techno with discerning dips into ballroom, club, garage, breakbeat and disco. Being active in international ballroom, whacking and house dance communities, creating queer-centered safe spaces for dance culture and freedom of expression is a major drive behind his work.


Amy Dabbs
DJ LoveCatt
Robin Flux

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