Opening November 2022, Den Anden Side has set a new standard for club culture in Copenhagen. Located at the city center below one of Denmark's oldest cinemas, the club is a community-based alternative electronic music venue established with the aim of transforming Copenhagen’s nightlife scene and presenting a safer, more inclusive and more responsible way of partying.

The greater part of the monthly programmes are curated by a variety of local promoter collectives, spanning from techno, trance, Bass and house music. Each night is different, and often the events have artistic profiles not only limited to sound, but also involving political messages, visuals and art installations. Being an underground electronic music venue, the music profile of the club is leaning towards the harder side of dance music with an emphasis on trance and techno. But however hard the music, the vibe of the club is always cute and the DJ lineups are presented with a playful attitude.

Den Anden Side is actually the third chapter in a trilogy of similarly named clubs, the first one being Et Andet Sted that opened back in 2017. Discreetly located in the city outskirts, Et Andet Sted served intimate warehouse vibes for the curious Copenhagen ravers for about a year. In late 2018 Ved Siden Af opened its doors to a mazy basement in the city center and the new club quickly became infamous for wild parties and a strict no-photo policy.

By 2022 the creative crew behind the clubs felt that the community had outgrown Ved Siden Af, and that the concept needed a bigger space. The same year Den Anden Side opened its doors. Throughout this history the core values and vision have been the same: To create a safer space for queers, marginalized people and people who just don’t feel that they fit in in most other places; A place where they can express themselves free from judgment or unwanted attention.



Den Anden Side (main floor)
Capacity: 450 guests
Usual opening hours: 00-08 (09)
Features: Full 4-way Funktion one. Large dancefloor with podiums and cages in the middle and the back.

Den Anden Ende (small floor)
Capacity: 40 guests
Usual opening hours: 01-06 (07)
Features: Intimate vibe and secluded from the rest of the club.

Den Lange Ende (non-club setup at main floor outside regular opening hours)
Capacity: 50 guests
Usual opening hours: 18-00 (no regular opening hours)
Features: Seated guests for talks, panels, workshops, film screenings, or other arts, knowledge sharing, and community related non-club events.


Main bar: Sells drinks, beers, alcohol-free options, wine, ice cream, fans, and more!

Kiosk bar: Sells beer and other RTDs and alcohol-free options, candy, nuts, vegan protein bars, and more!


The venue has 8 guest toilets (including a double toilet) + a urinal. All toilet facilities are unisex.


Smoking at the club is only allowed in the designated smoking room. Guests can also smoke outside and re-enter through the entrance once they have a stamp.


We have 400 lockers at the club which are free to use. You can bring your own lock or buy one at the entrance for 35 DKK and re-use it every time you come to the club.


Sebastian henriksen
CEO, Owner (he/him)
Johannes Astrup
Booking, Owner (he/him)
Denise garbov
Art & Awareness, Owner (she/they)
Kristina Aleksieieva
Bar Manager (she/her)
Jeppe Sejr Bloch
Selection & Security, Owner (he/him)
Peter Fruerlund
Legal, Owner (he/him)
Den Anden Side ApS
VAT/CVR 41345659
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Axel Torv 5
1609 Copenhagen
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