Warehouse Dreams @ Den Anden Side

Warehouse Dreams @ Den Anden Side

July 7, 2023
150 DKK

‘Warehouse Dreams’ refers to the roots of house music, which emerged in the underground dance clubs and warehouses of Chicago in the 1980s. This club night is a homage to the origins.

With ‘Warehouse Dreams’ we want to create a space for people to feel free and safe. We want you to let loose and connect with the music and the people that you share the experience with. We encourage you to be open-minded to new sounds, movement, and having fun. We dream about having a dance floor where everybody feels welcome.

We have invited some of the best house dancers from around the world to join us for an unforgettable night where we will take you through varying kinds and tempers of house music.

Get ready to jack your body and experience what (house) dreams are made of.

Mira Campau (she/her) (DK) is a Copenhagen-based DJ with an unending love for music that will move and connect. She is obsessed with house music and in her sets, you will hear a fusion of deep baselines, lots of percussion, nostalgic vocals and influences spanning from Chicago house to batida to bruk.
Throughout the last years, she has been playing all over the Danish club scene as well as on radio stations in UK, Italy and Belgium.

DJ LoveCatt (she/her) (DK) is a Copenhagen-based DJ. She has a beating heart for house music which she delivers with surprising spontaneity, sprinkled with inspirations from disco and funk. DJ LoveCatt delivers a playful and adventurous set looking to both past, present and future house.

CAYOOTEE (she/her) (DK) is a Copenhagen-based DJ sharing her love of house music through various subgenres such as Chicago house, Garage, and French touch with a few classics thrown into the mix. Expect to get a tour through some of the best House music has to offer during a CAYOOTEE set.

Aleks BLC (they/them) (PL/DK) is a Polish-born, Copenhagen-based DJ whose true love lies with soulful vocals, dreamy, minimal synth pads and deep basslines. They strive to deliver irresistibly groovy sets with inspirations deriving from disco, garage house, deep house, minimal house, deep tech, hard groove and dub techno.


Mira Campau
DJ LoveCatt
Aleks BLC

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