USERS @ Den Anden Side

USERS @ Den Anden Side

December 14, 2023
75 DKK

Den Anden Sides' magical location oozes of punk history. For the first time since 1980’s the rooms beneath Palads will once again be hosting a punk concert. The venue has throughout the years been hosting iconic punk concerts such as Sex Pistols, Patti Smith and Iggy Pop.

USERS are very honored to carry on the legacy together with Den Anden Side. Once again the room will be filled with carnage and mayhem when USERS will play their final show of 2023. So come shout and dance your anger and frustrations away with USERS one last time this year.

"We are all users of this life ruining drug called capitalism."
These words come from the band USERS, the name of Denmark’s newest post-punk band, that has quickly resonated in the Copenhagen underground scene. Rooted in social activism,
the fight for a new society is manifested through noisy riffs, aggressive vocals and thought-provoking lyrics.

Despite the band's short lifespan, USERS have proven with their
sold-out shows at Loppen and Basement that they are a band to keep an eye out for. The music is a wake-up call you can dance to, and there's plenty of opportunity to do so as USERS present hope among frustration at a fast pace.

“USERS are more than just a band; they are a strong voice for change at a time when society
needs it.” -Bands of tomorrow.

"With a voice like a young Damon Albarn, an attitude straight out of Thatcher-era London and an energy that left everyone sweating and out of breath, the young Danish band were such a positive surprise that we have no doubt that the only thing standing in the way of a huge career is the band's own punk ethos." -Devilution.

"It's a youth rebellion and a class struggle at the same time. The rage and indignation hits you in the face like a mixture of sweat and spit, and it feels amazing." - Selvtægt

YOUTUBE (Live Sessions):

Since their debut in 2021, HEX ELECTRONIX has been a shooting star within the Danish DJ scene, playing at venues such as Den Anden Side, Culture Box and Copenhagen Pride. As a DJ
and producer, their goal is to invite femme queerness into the sounds of the rave. The HEX experience is a little bit campy, a little bit gritty, and always unapologetically intense in its energy.

Their sets combine techno, hyperpop, hard dance and trance with just a sprinkle of Soundcloud techpop remixes - a playful mixture of all things fruity. Expect bouncy beat patterns, cunty rave stabs, intriguing sound design, samples from queer culture and catchy vocal hooks as HEX ELECTRONIX takes over the booth!




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