SWEAT - UTOPIA 💦 @ Den Anden Side

SWEAT - UTOPIA 💦 @ Den Anden Side

Saturday, March 4, 2023
23:00 - end
150 DKK

Dear ravers, for our first SWEAT edition at DAS, we invite you to celebrate that each and everyone of us are an essential part of an ever growing organism creating these special utopian queer spaces of dancefloor healing!

❦ Raving intention circle from 23.00 to 23:45 open to all [More info below]

As timeless musician Björk reminds us in her latest album, "hope is a muscle that allows us to connect". Thinking of ourselves as part of an ever growing and porous living organism, we believe that meeting with each other in suspended times of celebration, exploration and utopian dreaming can be an intentional way to create alternative realities that mirror and heal us.

We are thrilled to welcome legendary Aerea Negrot to join our residents behind the decks! Her multifaceted creations have been an inspiration for queers around the world since her first performances in 1999. Expect genre bending, uplifting, sexy and euphoric vibes all night! And to make things even more exciting, we asked drag king Zaddy Salem to bless us with a surprise patriarchy hex performance! Are you excited? We sure are & we really hope that you come dream with us ♡

RAVING INTENTION CIRCLE 23:00 - 23:45 (Open to all)
To reflect the theme of this party, we thought of trying a new little something. We will open the doors at 23:00 for the ones that want to join a rave intention circle facilitated by our vibe fairy Aimé before the music starts.Come on time as we will close the doors again 23:15 to start the intention circle. Read more about it here:

Out of this world, bizarre, organic, colorful, neon, plants, flowers, robotic, dystopian, utopian, mushrooms, transparent outfits, Björk

SWEAT is a DJ collective and club night for and by queer and trans* people in Copenhagen and Berlin. We aim to create safer and more diverse dancefloor healing experiences and uplift DJ’s from our community.

We have been hosting DIY queer raves in Copenhagen and Malmö since 2014, and after enjoying our residency at Ved Siden Af, we are excited to host our first party in the newly opened Den Anden Side.

T-faggots, fairies, futches, baby queers, trans femmes, zaddies, and in-betweens to the front! Come as you are, dress up to match our utopian theme or drag it up all the way - if you’re here to dance, dream, sweat and have fun, you’re welcome!

SWEAT is a club night dedicated to queer and trans people of all genders and colours. Our aim is to create a playful space of exploration and healing where we feel seen and respected. This requires work and constant learning. You can help us by being mindful of your own behavior and of the people around you - let’s take care of each other.

- BIPOC, trans* & non-binary people to the front
- Do not assume people’s gender and pronouns
- Make sure to ask for consent, no always means no
- Do not stare too long or follow people around
- The dance floor is for dancing - no phones
- Set intentions for the night - we create the space together
- Be mindful of your consumption and ask for help if you’re not feeling good
- Protect your hearing
- Stay hydrated


DAS is a basement venue and not wheelchair accessible. Some toilet stalls are assigned for sitting down only. The music will be loud and there will be fog from the smoke machine and flashing lights and strobe lights. The venue is one big room with alcoves and different levels and steps. There is no completely quiet area inside. There are lots of sitting spots around. There is a small area outdoors in front of the club if you need a bit of quiet and a breather. Smoking indoors is only allowed in the smoking room. Please contact us before the event if you need extra assistance during the night and we will see how we can help.

The DAS Safer Space ambassadors will be present all night. You can recognise them by their shirts that say “SAFER SPACE”. They are professionals trained to deal with sensitive and urgent situations of any kind. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. Your feeling of safety and well-being is our highest priority and no issue is too small for us to take seriously. If the experience is real to you, it is real to us.


❦ Aérea Negrot (VE/DE) – She/Her
❦ Sparkly Pony (DE/SE) - He/Him
❦ James Lotion (NL/DK) – They/Them/He
❦ Dgeral (SE/VE) - They/Them

❦ Performance by ZADDY SALEM (DK) - They/Them
❦ Installation by MORT-MOI (SE/FR) - They/Them


Aerea Ngerot: https://soundcloud.com/aereanegrot
Sparkly Pony: https://soundcloud.com/sparklypony
James Lotion: https://soundcloud.com/james-lotion
Dgeral: https://soundcloud.com/dgeral
Zaddy Salem: https://www.instagram.com/zaddy_salem/


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Axel Torv 5
1609 Copenhagen
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