Seaworld x Den Anden Side @ Pumpehuset - 22h Sunday Funday

Seaworld x Den Anden Side @ Pumpehuset - 22h Sunday Funday

April 9, 2023
10:00 - 22:00
150 DKK

Bonjour. Only a few months have passed since the Seaworld crew first set foot at Den Anden Side. But already now we are ready to conquer a new foreign coast: The Easter edition of Seaworld will take place in the so far unexplored habitat of Pumpehuset as a part of Den Anden Sides newest scheme: “Sunday Funday” - a titanic 22-hour extravaganza commencing at Den Anden Side the night after Saturday with a takeover by the infamous Kyiv Trance Mission, only to continue at Pumpehuset from Sunday morning at 10.00 and all through the day. The Seaworld crew is feverishly excited to be your Captains for the daytime part of the odyssey, and we are more than prepared to flood Pumpehuset in UV, laser, jellyfishies, assorted cheap things made of plastic and a flabbergasting twenty thousand leagues journey under the sea of contemporary dance music.

Opening the ballet on the main deck, our very own First Mate JOHANNES ASTRUP (he/him) will set the sails on a 2-deck frigate of keelhauling techno & trance that will reach harbor only after 12-hours of sea passage accompanied by delightful sailor songs delivered by some of the brightest shining stars on the starry sky of pounding kicks & bass. Eight nutritious courses from the sumptuous cuisine of electronic music have been prepared for the starving guests: Flown in from Milan, ALARICO (he/him) is ready to slap our cheerful faces with some kinky grooves of crispy 90s inspired techno; The Iraqi-American many headed serpent LOLSNAKE (she/they) will hypnotize the unsuspecting audience with venomously tantalizing weeeirdo beats and sounds; local alltime heavy-hitter SUGAR (he/him) is guaranteed to cover the audience in a delicious frosting of original old school Copenhagen techno sounds, and the final dish of the main deck will be a never before heard duet of two uncompromising Copenhagen-based artists: UK bass and rave curator N.E.GIRL (she/her) back-to-backed by the futuristic electronic wizard CTRLS (he/him).

During the seafare, the passengers are also offered the option of smoking cigarettes while listening to trance music on the nicely decorated smokers trance upper deck. Here, the menagerie will be maneuvered by our own melodic retro trance boatswain ANDERS HORSE (he/him). This nicotine-induced variety is also boasting local smashing acid queen ANNA LOGIC (she/her) who has promised to deliver everything between disco and gabber, while the just as local LUNA MAY (she/her) will wrap the floor in a neatly woven blanket of goa and psy keeping the guests warm during the passage.

So put on those goggles and jump in for a dive that will bring us to hitherto unheard depths of seabed bouncing bass.

Artwork by Line Dalika

Lasers by Water Wonders

150 DKK
Age: 21+
Come early, stay late!

Please note:
We reserve the right to deny anyone entrance with no explanation.


☻ Alarico (he/him)

☻ Lolsnake (she/they)

☻ Sugar (he/him)

☻ Ctrls B2B N.E.GIRL (he/him - she/her)

☻ Johannes Astrup (he/him)

☻ Anna Logic (she/her)

☻ Luna May (she/her)

☻ Anders Horse (he/him)

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