Seaworld x Den Anden Side

Seaworld x Den Anden Side

August 5, 2023
140 DKK

Ahoy. After one exhilarating odyssey to the not so distant shores of Pumpehuset, the Seaworld crew have once again set sails for the safe harbors of Den Anden Side. And the homecoming shall be celebrated with bravura: A bashful buffet of tantalizing techno, trance and other treasures of the sea tasty enough to tickle king Triton's tastebuds has been arranged. So tighten up those life jackets and jump in for another night of naughty, nordic, nautic nonsense curated by nonetheless than the notorious Seaworld posse.

STEYA (she/her) is rising through Berlin’s underground scene like a flood. Originally from Antwerp but now based in the German capital, this queen of Detroitesque grooves is ready to finslap your faces with a bouncy bottom trawling techno beat on repeat. Her new track “Trigger Me” was launched last month on Marcel Fenglers’ label IMF, and it is not for the faint of heart.

Sailing all the way from South America, we are excited to give to you: Amanda Mussi (she/her). Amanda has a background as a resident of São Paulos infamous queer parties “Mamba Negra” but is currently venturing through Europe on a tour that includes Berghain among other clubs, and now also Seaworld. Amanda will invite you for a soothing spa session of slammingly seaworthy acid, techno, breaks and everything in between.

To close down the main pool, we have summoned steamboi (he/she/they) aboard to blast in the ear canals of the weary morning ravers. steamboi is a fast rising starfish on the Copenhagen scene, and they are infamous for presenting well-marinated mixture of trance, rumbling techno and acid that is both frantically fierce, cute and bubbly.

For the first time ever, Seaworld will also open the gates to Den Anden Sides brand new small floor, Den Anden Ende. In these newly installed settings, we will invite the guests for an intimate dipping pool session curated by a massive double filet-o-fish consisting of two local hard hitters: Local sweetheart Britney Speed (she/it) should be no stranger to any local lagoon raver, and she will surely warm up the room with some groovy house and acid. Later on, Lucy Headburn (she/her) will take the rudder and lead us down a persuasive strait of hypnotically deep and downplayed trance.

As so often before the main floor will be crack opened by our very own cancer boi Johannes Astrup (he/him) who will serve you a lavishly luxurious lobster bisque served on a sea bed of hydrating hardgroove with a sauce of swifty salsa on the side. Yum.

ॐॐॐ 𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗘 𝗨𝗣 ॐॐॐ

☻ STEYA (she/her)

☻ Amanda Mussi (she/her)

☻ steamboi (he/she/they)

☻ Britney Speed (she/it)

☻ Lucy Headburn (she/her)

☻ Johannes Astrup (he/him)

Artwork: Line Dalika

140 DKK
80 DKK after 06:00
Age: 21+

Come early, stay late!

Wardrobe: Lockers are free to use with a lock. Bring your own or purchase one for 35 DKK at the entrance.

We expect that everyone who enters Den Anden Side is familiar with the event of the night and our house rules. We reserve the right to deny anyone entrance without explanation, and we prioritise queers and minoritised people. When we are close to full capacity, we always prioritise our regulars.
We acknowledge that for some, the conversation with the picker at the door can be stressful. It is always possible to reach out to us at in advance of an event if the door situation is triggering or uncomfortable for you. Please include your name(s) and a few words about your situation.

- Respect the vibe and contribute to it.
- Don't assume gender or pronouns.
- No discriminatory language or actions of any kind.
-‍ Educate yourself and check your privilege.
- No pictures or videos of any kind inside the club.‍
- Dancefloor is for dancing; Don’t have loud conversations or use your phones.
- Ask for consent and respect each other’s boundaries.
- Don’t stare at or approach other guests non-consensually.
- Take care of yourself and each other, and consume responsibly.
- The playroom is for intimate and consensual play only.

We care about our guests' safety and their ability to express themselves free from judgement or unwanted attention. Please be aware of the space you are taking up, and how your presence will influence the vibe and the other guests. Respect your fellow dancer and enjoy right now.
We welcome all ethnicities, all genders, and all sexualities.

Our awareness team is present at the club every weekend. You can recognise them by their bright green shirts that say “AWARENESS”. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. If you are unable to locate the awareness team, the other staff can call them for you.

Be aware that we use flashing lights and loud sound, and that it can get hot and crowded inside the club. Unfortunately, the space is not accessible with a wheelchair. If you have a concern or questions about accessibility or facilities, please reach out to us in DM.
Protect your ears. Earplugs can be bought in the bar.
First aid supplies can be found in the bar or by contacting our awareness team.

For general feedback about the club, you can reach us at If you are in touch about an awareness incident, please contact the management at
We strive to always get back to you within 14 days, and if needed, go then go into further dialogue with the involved parties about how we can solve the issue or contribute with help or actions in other ways.



Amanda Mussi


Britney Speed

Lucy Headburn

Johannes Astrup

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