Seaworld @ Den Anden Side

Seaworld @ Den Anden Side

November 18, 2023
140 DKK

It's time for high tide and low sub in the dungeon of the Palace. Things are getting fishy as Seaworld Tekno Klub returns to Den Anden Side with freshly caught sea bass and krill-packed soundwaves. On the menu for this evening of five-star freshwater fine dining is a palate-tickling lineup of meticulously selected techno and trance, garnished with a special selection of balloons, plastic toys, inflatable dolphins, and other valuable and delightful items. So, buckle up your life vests and strap on your scuba sets - Den Anden Side will never financially recover from the water bills of this maritime madness.

BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL (she/her - she/her) is a bashing duo based in Amsterdam sailing Danish waters for the first time. They have been in the Seaworld’s to-book-book for a very long time, and we are excited to finally invite them over to our little queendom. Manifested in a refreshing catalog of bouncy sea-bottom bangers, all released on their own record label, Hybrid Spasm, the sound of BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL is a cacophony of squeaky synths and fast jacking grooves, guaranteed to make the dance floor sweat faster than the Great Barrier Reef is bleaching.

Hailing from the city of Stockholm, Greta Westling (she/her) is another international artist treading the Danish club soil for the first time. Previously renowned for her sweat-dripping, raunchy industrial rave techno sets, but now slowly sinking into the depths of hardgroove and functional techno, we consider Greta a delicate addition to the Scorpio season edition of the Seaworld saga.

CAYOOTEE (she/her) is a bright shining local star unfamiliar to no Copenhagen clubbers. If you have absolutely no idea how to pronounce her artist name, then just go with "cutie." CAYOOTEE is part of the Warehouse Dreams crew, and it is in this context that we have been seduced by her exquisite skills for blending breakbeats, old school house, and techno rhythms into a vigorous and healthy smoothie that goes down the hatch even quicker than an ice-cold Gatorade. Yum, yum.

Scano (he/him), with his big heart for hard trance, is set to make his dunking Seaworld debut off the deep end. With the softest blend of the hardest tracks from the depths of his soul, Scano is a diligent upcoming producer with a sublime understanding of the unique style of Copenhagenesque melodic fast trance that is in high demand all over the planet.

The November program of Seaworld also boasts the return of Seaworld resident Anders Horse (he/him), who will take Den Anden Ende (The Other Tail) for a little pony ride. We would like to remind you that Anders is the owner of an enormous treasure trove of delicious old school trance gems that have been so meticulously searched out that the Hunt For Red October seems like Finding Nemo.

Lastly but blastly, as always, we have our very wet resident Johannes Astrup (he/him) on the main floor menu. The last few weeks have been littered with Johannes' releases, including a V/A vinyl on the newly started French techno label Much More and an upcoming full-length EP on the Berlin groovy techno imprint Drawner Records. Johannes' sets and tracks are notoriously loaded with even more coral-reef-rocking, recklessly percussive, sassy seaweed-entangled salsa techno than there is plastic in the Pacific. Buenas noches.


ANNĒ (she/her)
Greta Westling (she/her)
CAYOOTEE (she/her)
Scano (he/him)
Anders Horse (he/him)
Johannes Astrup (he/him)

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