Proton Records 3 Years Anniversary @ Den Anden Side

Proton Records 3 Years Anniversary @ Den Anden Side

December 1, 2023
140 DKK

1,2,3 check! Happy Birthday!

We are proud to present the DK debut of both Temple Rat and Polygonia, along with local talent Maria Rutrowsky, Copenhagen Club Tool wizards Bondefar and Lasse Vind, and yours truly, when we celebrate 3 years of Proton Records!!! Join us at Den Anden Side for a full club take-over with Eastern inspired deep trance, IDM, trailblazing techno, hypnotic goa, house bangers and what not!?

Temple Rat
Instrumentalist, composer, producer and DJ from Shanghai, China. Temple Rat´s music is a remarkable marriage of two practices; a folk music tradition that spans four millennia, and contemporary productions. Temple Rat works with an organic approach using self-built sound design tools and field recordings, resulting in a complete immersive soundscape that still rocks the floor.

Polygonia is a music and art project conceived by Lindsey Wang from Munich, Germany. The soundscapes of her productions exude a mystical, organic quality, featuring intricate and compelling rhythms. Polygonia’s musical spectrum has no limit in terms of BPM. Her main focus regarding genre directions lays on Techno, Downtempo and beyond. She draws a lot of inspiration from nature as well as from her deep knowledge of instruments and musical theory.

Bondefar & Lasse Vind
Two legends in the Copenhagen scene in a rare b2b situation! A must see if you haven’t heard them before.

Maria is a DJ to keep an eye on! With a curious mind and natural understanding of weaving tracks together, Maria has shown she’s in her right element when behind the booth. We are thrilled that she will set the vibe of the night.

Proton DJs
Come and find out :)


Den Anden Side
00-01   Maria (she/her)
01-02   Temple Rat Hybrid Live (she/her)
02-04   Polygonia (she/her)
04-06   Martin Gilleshøj (he/him)
06-end Bondefar b2b Lasse Vind (he/him)

Den Anden Ende
01-03 Anders Olesen (he/him)
03-end Mikkel Stensgaard (he/him)

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