Mycelium x Flux Collective @ Den Anden Side

Mycelium x Flux Collective @ Den Anden Side

February 10, 2024
150 DKK
Den Anden Side

Mycelium is the underground network that forms the root system of fungi. The network absorbs nutrients from the environment and sends electrical signals to mushrooms, resembling the function of human brains.
Inspired by the Mycelium networks, Den Anden Side is introducing a new concept: Through a series of events, we will strive to grow an underground network that can connect all the sources of creative energy that we see popping up in Denmark, Scandinavia and the rest of the planet. Hopefully, our mycelium network can grow and persist through the soil of electric music and provide nutrients to all the little fungi on the scene.

For the first iteration of Mycelium, we are inviting the Norwegian Flux Collective. Through a series of forest parties outside Oslo, they have developed a squeaky and squelchy techno style that is resonating the undergrowth in deep Northern woods and warm analogue drum machines. Two of the Flux Collective residents will be visiting us on this evening:
The duo Skodde will deliver a two hour live electronic hybrid performance of their own productions, while the boss of the Flux record label Anémi will perform a DJ set introducing her tactile and vibrating trancescapes.

Also in the lineup, we are excited to present two very promising names from the local scene: Ida Aya is known for her involvement in the Purple Rave Club crew, and she will open the night with a set of her unmistakably fluent and harmonic mix of house, trance, and techno. For the closing set, our in-house sound tech and resident DJ Bjarke Høver will play an open-ended all-vinyl set of old-school progressive trance and techno.

To fulfill the funky fungi feeling, we are inviting two of our in-house visual artists Will and Syd, to create an immersive experience of projections and installations that will
absorb the guest into the huge ever-growing pulsating brain-like underground of the Mycelium network.

From 23:00 we invite our guests to come and have a drink and be inspired before the music kicks off at midnight. Talk topic: TBA.

Join us for a spongy night!

Artwork by Sophie Georgin

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