Group Therapy - 5 Years

Group Therapy - 5 Years

Saturday, November 11, 2023
175 DKK


How to celebrate it, you ask? Put on your slutty apron and follow instructions below!

1. Form your fellow ravers in a circle and slowly prepare and share your intentions and wishes for the night to come (LIST IS CLOSED - write to if you want to be on the waitlist)

2. In a large, pre-lubed space, mix together bubble butt butlers, cute dancing mice, well-frequented dark rooms, awareness of the fellow raver, and a dash of rowdiness. Stir with a whisk and desire until well combined. Once brought to a boil, remove clothes to taste.

3. It's time to prepare the main attractions:

Take iconic Juba (she/her) and launch her Copenhagen-debut, unveiling thrilling blends, electrifying energy and championing of African and African diasporic sounds.

Combine Lars Fixen (he/him) and Mette Munk (she/her) for some relentless trance-leaning hip-shaking action. Mix until the beats are perfectly in sync.

Add a dash of provocative Marikiscrycrycry (he/him) to the performance lineup, making sure to turn up the healing power of the floor.

For the grand finale, bring out queens, legends and therapeutic royalty Tama Sumo (she/her) and Lakuti (she/her) delivering absolute fire for the closing.

Remember to crack open some resident DJs to act as a semi-healthy binding agent. One or two may be added a little late to the mix, but try to follow the timing of the instructions.

4. In a corner of tranquility, enjoy an oasis of bliss provided by wellness connoisseur Milo. Dancers can take a break from the floor and recharge, an essential element in ensuring the energy levels reach the desired peak.

5. Time the insertion of the cheap cava, ensuring it's available at the right moment to enhance the jubilant mood.

Sink your teeth into Group Therapy's 5 year birthday, savouring every taste of this special occasion!

175 DKK, 100 DKK after 06:00

Age: 21+

Come early, stay late!


Juba (she/her)
Lars Fixen (he/him)
Mette Munk (she/her)
Marikiscrycrycry (he/him)
Tama Sumo (she/her) & Lakuti (she/her)
Carlo & Selma (he/him - she/her)
Frederik Tollund (he/him)

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