Dungeons & Queers @ Den Anden Side

Dungeons & Queers @ Den Anden Side

November 15, 2023
50 DKK

Welcome all adventurers, new and old! To finish off this semester of Dungeons & Queers, we will put up some tables at Den Anden Side.

Together with LGBT+ Danmark Stefan, Julie and Laura has been running a series of one-shot Dungeons and Dragons sessions thoughout this autumn with the purpose of creating a space for people in the queer community where we can engage in fun, small adventures, with no limit to how you look, who you are or what you do!

Expect everything from the Weekly Monster, Cartoon characters looking for Hygge, follow a Kult or do the classical, Dungeons & Dragons.

This is the only session in which the tickets will cost (50 DKK), all proceeds from the paid tickets will go to cover the cost of keeping Den Anden Side open for this event.

Den Anden Side will keep their bar open if you want a nice hygge beer, and offer toasties to buy if you feel a bit hungry.

Beginners, first timers and veterans are all encouraged to join and all materials you need to play will be provided at play. See the table descriptions below. Each table can host maximum 6 players. All games will be in English.

If you have any questions, feel free to email: stefan.kristofferaaltonen@gmail.com

TICKETS: https://www.denandenside.com/shop/dungeons-and-queers-ticket

AGE LIMIT: 18+ (Since the event offers alcohol, you will need to be 18+ to be able to attend.)


Table 1: Dungeons and Dragons (for beginners)

Game Master: Niels

Info: This table will start with an introduction to Dungeons and Dragons and is therefore also suitable for completely new players.

Character level: 5

Story: Winter has fallen over the Land of Enorrath and with that comes the traditional winter solstice festival. The festival is both a way for the people to enjoy loads of food and drink but also a way for the king to show strength and ensure his rule over the land. But the king has been stricken with a mysterious sickness, his priests and mages have been unable to help him. With no hair to the throne ready to take over, Enorrath risk being thrown into another devastating civil war. His condition has been kept secret, but this wont last if he cannot present himself as strong at the festival. In secret the kings advisors, have sent a group of adventurers to retrieve a powerful artifact:” The tears of Mishara” this vial of holy water can cure any sickness and will surely be able to save the king. This artifact is being kept in an ancient temple, it needs to be brought to the king before the festival. You are this group of adventurers. The road is difficult as you will need to traverse the dangers of the temple, the harsh roads of Enorrath and agents of the barons who have their own interests at heart.

Table 2: Dungeons and Dragons (for beginners)

Game Master: Stefan

Info: This table will start with an introduction to Dungeons and Dragons and is therefore also suitable for completely new players.

Character lvl: 4

Story: "A transport carrying a sealed mummy to a museum for display was hit by a bandit gang. Only the coachman managed to escape. He knows what's going to happen if the bandits manage to open the sarcophagus: the land will be swept away with sand and decay"

Table 3: Dungeons and Dragons (for experienced)

Game Master: Mark

Info: This table starts without an introduction to Dungeons and Dragons and is therefore only suitable for players who have played at least once before. (no need to be an expert, though)

Character lvl: 8

Story:"When adventurers-turned-restaurant owners experience a more than usual level of rebellion in their chefs, it's time to don the old sword and buckler and do something about it."

Table 4: Dungeons and Dragons (for experienced)

Game Master: Adrien

Info: This table starts without an introduction to Dungeons and Dragons and is therefore only suitable for players who have played at least once before. (no need to be an expert, though.)

Character lvl: 4

Story: When Dr Minos (the smartest minotaur in the Forgotten Realms) and his Faêrun’s Funnest Fair show up in town, you know you’re in for a party. Illusionists will blow your minds, fire-spitting dragonborn will singe your eyebrows, and the druid’s menagerie will amaze you. Don’t miss the necromancer and her Danse Macabre either! In this D&D one-shot, the party is travelling with Faêrun’s Funnest Fair - as performers, or guards, or just hangers-on - when it arrives in the quiet town of Grey Waters. Why is everyone here so shifty and so dour? Why does it rain so much? Why are they so afraid of the manor on that hill? And will you get them to lighten up?


Table 5: Dolmenwood

Game Master: Laura

Info: Introduction level game

Story: For years the Cobbins (a group of talking, small humanoid animals who dwell in the Valley of Wise Beasts and prefers to be left alone to build cute cottages, drink tea and smoke pipes) have been under the cruel yoke of The Crookhorns, a group of goatfolk that have been twisted by the corruption of their master Atanuwe. You and your friends have decided you have had enough of your oppressors. Together with your friends, plan your resistance and help destroy critical infrastructure of the Crookhorns that can lead to finally freeing your people from oppression.

Table 6: Open table (bring your own game)

Game Master: At this table, there will be no game master

Info: Bring your own game to play. Ex. Magic The Gathering or other card games, a physical board game, or even a digital game. We recommend teaming up with others beforehand if you are planning to bring a game that requires other players than yourself. Please keep in mind that not all players at your table might want to participate in the same game and show respect for each other's needs to have a good gaming experience.

Table 7: Toons

Game Master: Troels

Info: We will use the Toon rule set, which is an easy to learn system where players play cartoon characters. It is a very lighthearted system where no character is too silly, and the only limit is your imagination.

Story: The Hygge has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and a group of cartoon characters must investigate to discover who or what is responsible.

Table 8: Monster of the Week

Game Master: Julie

Info: Monster of the Week ruleset where 30 minutes of the game will be spent introducing yourselves and rolling up the characters.

Story: The small hunting town of White Sulphur Springs, Montana is experiencing an economic downturn; the otherwise plentiful hunting animals seem to have fled the town's environment, leaving the town's 100 permanent inhabitants struggling to make ends meet. And yet, the situation continues to spiral as a mysterious disappearance shakes the town to its core.
Parker Brown, 24, has completely disappeared overnight under strange circumstances; all clues simply raise more questions about what happened to this young man. It’s up to the hunters to find Parker Brown and solve the deadly mystery of White Sulphur Springs


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