Den Anden Side x Blaagaard Teater pres. TR!P

Den Anden Side x Blaagaard Teater pres. TR!P

October 6, 2023
150 DKK

On October 6th we are beyond excited to announce a very special evening at Den Anden Side, an evening where performance, theater and music will meet in the night and merge for a hopefully brilliant and progressive experience.

Please welcome BLAAGAARD TEATER and their latest play TR!P which will be partly performed in and around the club. Directed by Emil Rostrup and starring Ludmilla Freja Faber Striim, Alexander Bryld Obaze and Joen Højerslev.

Expect the unexpected and please come on down and help us make these two ancient artforms coexist and merge together.

The perfomance will take place in the first 3 hours of the night.

Expect everything from bumping house music to progressive and trancy soundscapes. Let yourself get submerged in pulsating beats, ethereal melodies and deep driving basslines, all cast in the warm hiss and crackle of vinyl records. Get ready to transcend the ordinary, when our DJ’s unleash the raw power of vinyl records, reminding us of the tactile connection between music and soul.

The music for the night stands as a bold testament to the power and authenticity of analog DJ’ing in an era dominated by amazing digital wizardry. Each DJ will be curating a sonic journey that seamless blends old gems from days long gone with the new sound of today. Join the sancturary and embrace vinyl’s timelessness in our tapestry of trippy sounds!

PERFOMANCE in collaboration with Blaagaard Teater:
Ludmilla Freja Faber Striim
Alexander Bryld Obaze
Joen Højerslev


DJ Estrella b2b Modah
Kristian Andersen
Tight Cherry

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