Dance Cooporative Presents: EVES #3

Dance Cooporative Presents: EVES #3

September 22, 2023
50-100 DKK

EVES #3 features the work sharings:
Lydia Ö. Diakité: heaven is overrated
Paolo de Venecia Gile: KAYA
Sigrid Stigsdatter: Baby

The doors open at 20.00 and the first sharing starts at 20.30. Limited
amount of space and no pre-sale tickets so don’t snooze on this!

For the third time Dance Cooperative is hosting a performance evening of work-in-progress dance and choreography. EVES is a series of performance-events where three artists showcase their current artistic processes. It’s a perfect opportunity to get an insight in what is moving in the body-minds of Copenhagen’s field of contemporary choreography.

This evening choreographers Lydia Ö. Diakité, Paolo de Venecia Gile and Sigrid Stigsdatter will bring us down in the basement of the club Den Anden Side and into the midst of their current artistic process. EVES #3 will take place in collaboration with Den Anden Side and us from Dance Cooperative are stoked to get together with another venue that share our mission of creating unforgettable moments in the name of dance.


The price for EVES #3 is a sliding scale of 50, 80 or 100 DKK. Pay what seems fit for you.
Paying the full entry price of 140 DKK also gives access to the club night (Sacred Interface Showcase with Peachlyfe, Vixen, Schacke, and more) at midnight.

Age: 21+
Come early, stay late!

Wardrobe: Lockers are free to use with a lock. Bring your own or purchase one for 35 DKK at the bar


Who is the Dance Cooperative?
We are an artist-run platform and association with a physical workspace in Valby, organised by 14 Copenhagen-based choreographers, dancers and performing artists. Dance Cooperative and its’ members organize around both collegial support and a shared interest in art-making that explores different queer, anti-racist, eco-sensitive and intersectional feminist tropes. We organise performance events, workshops and network events for and by practising performing artists and all curious beings. With the space and gathering of artists, Dance Cooperative creates sustainable frames for producing, working, and experimenting with performing arts, dance, and choreography.

Eves Sharing is supported by Statens Kunstfond and Valby Lokaludvalg.

Lydia Ö. Diakité (she/her/they/them): heaven is overrated
Working with deconstructing the message of the gospel, coming with a new message? we have been told to “hold on for just a little while longer, everything will be alright” but how long is that wait going to be?

Paolo de Venecia Gile (they/them): KAYA
Indulging in the almost, barely audible, much too visible, without resolution. Maybe it's a rude dance, maybe it's kaya. A taste of a work in progress.

Sigrid Stigsdatter (she/her): Baby
A collection of addictive dances, moody moments and former forms spilling over each other in an OMG dramaturgy.


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